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My mission is to give you amazing photos, creative video and an all around great experience!

A little bit about me.

To start with, I have 2 wonderful sons who are the greatest blessings in my life. I absolutely LOVE dogs and if your walking your dog, I’ll be tempted to head over your way to see if I can pet your pup. Spring is my favorite time of year. I love it when the grass changes from brown to green and the flowers start blooming. Warmer days always make me want to get outside. Fall is any photographers dream. The changing colors always result in spectacular photo opportunities.  I actually like winter too. It’s my favorite time to go hiking because I don’t care to run into a snake, and I know I wont see them when the snow is falling!

Obviously I love taking photographs. What I have learned as a photographer is that the camera sees things different than our eye does. Now I spend my free time taking classes on posing and lighting so that EVERYONE, myself included, can look great in photos! It’s amazing how the perfect light and angle will make a person look incredible. The choice of camera lenses also plays a HUGE role in how a person looks. I want everyone to LOVE the way they look and appreciate their individual beauty so I work hard to make this happen.

Before becoming a photographer, I was a graphic designer. I still love graphic design and do the occasional project. I think the graphic design schooling that I received, helps me to take better photos. As much as I love graphic design, I have trouble sitting behind a computer full-time and decided to pursue my photography career. I can’t imagine doing anything else! I’m a life long learner and as a photographer, you never want to stop learning. There are always new techniques, styles, editing methods and more to learn. I also create film style wedding videos. This is another great love of mine.

Please contact me soon! It’s so easy for days to turn into months and months to years, so get your photos done now. You wont regret it! The only regret you’ll have is waiting AGAIN! I also have financing options available, if needed. Call me today, I can’t wait to meet you!


My mission is to give you the best photos and a great experience at the same time.

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I’m the owner, photographer, photo and video editor, and the all around idea guru.